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Quality rug repair & restoration services across Lower Manhattan, NY. Green carpet cleaning and installation services, affordable prices, expert staff.

Your Precious Rug Needs Expert Care

At Rug Cleaning New York City, we’ve been repairing and restoring area rugs for over 25 years and, without a doubt, we understand just what they mean to their owners. Whether they’re machine made or handwoven, made of wool, silk, nylon or camel hair, small or large and costly or of sentimental value, they are always important to their owners. That’s why offer a wide number of services in both Lower Manhattan and all across NYC which include (but are not limited to) area rug cleaning, repair and restoration techniques, carpet cleaning and wall-to-wall-installation.

We serve both residential and commercial clients and work with individuals, small families and large corporations. We are used to seeing all different kinds of area rugs and carpets and understand they all need very different care. That’s why we provide customized services - every job needs special care. Moreover, our years in business have taught us that professionals, who have skill and flair, and excellent customer service combined with affordable prices are the way to achieve success. So whether you have a rug or carpet that needs some care, we’re here to help.

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Rug Cleaning New York City

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